Can I take Finasteride while trying to conceive?

Finasteride for Pregnantwomen

No, you are not supposed to take Finasteride while trying to conceive. It is a hair growth medication that has to be taken only by a man. If a man who is taking this drug tries to become a father of a child then there might be Finasteride birth defects. Here, we are going to look about it in detail.

Finasteride reduces fertility

When the hair growth pills are taken, there will be a significant reduction in the fertility rate. It affects the prostate gland which is the one majorly contributes to the semen volume. Due to this, a man would not be successful in the process of fathering a child. It is suggested that before buying Propecia you should do a good theory on the pill and then go for it.

Loss of sexual interest

During the treatment, a man can see a gradual decrease in the sex interest. This is totally due to the effects of this medication. In a research, it was found that when a man stops taking the drug these effects faded away after few days. He found that he gained his interest in sexual activity again.

Erectile dysfunction as a side effect

Impotency is one of the common Finasteride sexual side effects that occur in a man who takes this hair growth capsule. It is a condition in which, the person loses his ability to achieve as well as maintain the erection that is required for the sexual activity.

The medication causes this in a person and when this occurs, it becomes difficult for a man to impregnate a woman.

Severe effects on the fetus

When Finasteride was given to rats, it was found that the fetus was affected very badly. The cognitive ability of the baby was impaired and there were abnormalities in the organs. There were defects in the sex organs especially if it is a male baby. So, it is best to avoid this drug during pregnancy even though there are no adverse outcomes found in a human.

No Propecia while breast feeding

It is the best to avoid it even while breast feeding a child. It is a must that a woman should not even touch the damaged capsules as it would pass on to the fetus or child.

Taking Finasteride drug by a man while trying to impregnate should be avoided. This not only reduces the chance of getting conceived but it also comes with major side effects. So, it is advised for men to avoid taking the pills and try to father the child only after six months after they halted the treatment.

It is not safe for both women as well as the child. After all, the safety of the child is the most important one than growing hair on the scalp. Anyway, consult with your doctor if you are trying to conceive.