Finasteride and Acne

treat acne with finasteride

Finasteride is popular as a treatment for hair loss and enlarged prostate, but there is also a theory that it could be used in the management of acne. The drug is available for use in different dosage strengths and formulations through the numeric generic brands. The hair loss medicine Finasteride works in a certain way to help overcome the approved uses, but its properties may be suitable for certain other health problems as well as acne.

This skin problem itself can occur due to a number of reasons and there are different treatments that are available for this. According to the type of acne and the cause, the suitable medication is provided. Both men and women experience these issues from fluctuating hormone levels but Finasteride is currently indicated for use only in men. If you have tried different options and actually think that this is one drug that could help you with your problem, then read on to know more about the drug itself and how it could possibly help.

How can Finasteride help with acne?

Finasteride is used by a number of men in various parts of the world for hair loss. The medication works because of its specific mechanism that helps to stop the hair loss problem and even allow for some of the lost hair growth with Propecia. This occurs because the pill suppresses the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High levels of DHT mean that there are increased androgen activity and this result in experiencing problems like acne and hair loss. The sebum levels on the skin, which causes this skin problem, happens because of the androgen activity. The drug is essentially a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor that performs this function by controlling DHT levels.

As is seen, the drug could likely be a effective acne treatment. However, this is not an approved use and just a theory. If you are interested in trying Finasteride for your problems, the doctor would most likely prescribe it off-label.

Can I use Finasteride medication for my acne?

It is not recommended to use Finasteride for acne without any form of medical supervision. Doing so can affect your health adversely. For one, it is not proven for sure that the drug could be used for the treatment. Secondly, your skin problems should be caused by excessive androgen activity. Thirdly, using the drug means you might experience sexual side effects and other such issues for which you have to be prepared for. Women who use the pill run the risk of having birth defects in the male fetus if pregnant or even expecting to become pregnant. To be on the safer side, always consult with your doctor first about using the hair loss pills. You would not only get to know the right dosage but also the way to take it. Finasteride’s use as an acne remedy depends entirely upon the discretion of your doctor. Use the pills only as directed if prescribed.