Is it possible to use Finasteride for women hair loss?

finasteride for women

Finasteride is well-known as an effective hair loss treatment but it is more commonly in use for male pattern baldness. The medication has not been approved by the FDA for use in female and hence, there is very less clinical data available on whether or not this pill works in women. The hair loss medicine have helped many men to successfully overcome the problem of excessive hair fall and also regain lost hair to some extent.

However, the drug is not usually prescribed for use in ladies. Topical hair loss treatments for women do exist but they do not produce the same kind of results that Finasteride brings on. In order to understand if this medication can be used in women or not, learning a little more about the drug could help in making a suitable decision and then could people go on for sourcing for propecia online.

Why the Finasteride use in women has not been considered much?

Finasteride’s use in women is generally advised against due to the potential risks involved. One of the side effects of the medication listed is that if the active ingredient is ingested or absorbed through the skin, there are chances that a male fetus might develop deformed genitals. Another reason is that the drug works by performing the specific function of suppressing the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels in the system. This is achieved by inhibiting the conversion of the androgen testosterone. They have lesser androgens present in their system and the effectiveness of the medicine cannot be assured.

The few clinical trials that were conducted to check the efficacy of Finasteride in females concluded that the drug works differently for each woman. For some, postmenopausal use had an impact while others did not receive any benefit at all. Some females found the drug to work even if they were not at the menopausal age. The mixed results make it very difficult to prescribe the Propecia for women.

Can women safely take Finasteride for hair loss?

Yes, women can safely take Finasteride for hair loss by using suitable protective measures. If the person is of child-bearing age, then suitable contraceptives should be used to avoid becoming pregnant. Consult with the doctor for the dosage recommendations. Some may require taking Finasteride 1mg once daily, while others can use the 5mg dose on a weekly basis. It may take at least twelve to eighteen months before seeing visible results on the scalp. The drug can definitely be taken safely but the effectiveness is not always assured. If prescribed to use Finasteride, follow the precise dosage instructions to get the most out of the treatment and increase the chances of experiencing the drug’s benefits with regard to hair loss.