Finasteride vs Propecia

differece between propecia and finasteride

There is always a big debate whether to buy finasteride or Propecia. The big question that arises is that is it possible to get the same results in both the versions. Everyone is very much eager about the positive effects that the variants provide and that is definitely welcoming. If you read this blog, you can get clear ideas because you would understand it better.

Effectiveness provided by Finasteride

The active ingredient is the same in both brand and generic. The name of the ingredient is Finasteride. Let us first look about the active ingredient. It is the reason behind the growth of hair in a man. So, the magic happens because of the medication only.  This ingredient would be the same in both brand and generic Variants hence we need not have to mention that the effectiveness that it provides would also be the same.

Would there be any difference in the result provided by generic Medication?

There would be some difference in the inactive ingredients. These are nothing but the linking or binding agent in the medication. They do not have any impact on the effectiveness that a brand Propecia would provide. Other changes would be in the appearance like shape, size and color. The difference in such things would not have an impact on the effectiveness that is provided by the medication hence you need not worry about it.

What is the advantage in getting Finasteride?

The greatest advantage comes in the Finasteride price. It is available at a cheaper price whereas the brand drug would be purchased at a premium price. It is not possible for all to buy propecia pills as it would not fit in their medical expense budget.

If generics is taken into account, any person with any income can easily get the required pills for the treatment. Money is the biggest factor that everyone would consider. While comparing Finasteride vs Propecia, you can now select generic instead of brand one as it is very cheap as well as authentic in quality.

Should I switch from brand version to Finasteride?

You can definitely switch from brand medication to its generic ones. This is can be done after consulting with a health care professional. In the beginning, you might face little change in the effectiveness that the medication provides. But, this issue is until your body is used to generic version of this hair loss pill.

You need to give time for your body only then you can analyze whether generic medicine is suitable for you or not. Most of the people who switch from the brand to generic have found it to be very effective. So, you can also be one among them. If you are successful then you can save huge money while buying finasteride as well as the medication would help you to regrow hair in an effective way. You can first try to switch then you can decide about continuing.