Our Policies

Privacy Policy

When you are using finasteriderx.net then it means that you are adhering to our privacy policy. We might collect certain non-personal information from you and this is only to improve your search results. Those who are above 18 years of age would only be able to use our website. You have to be responsible enough to provide only true information to us. We would keep it private and secure.

Security Policy

We value your information and this is why we store the details in the network after encrypting it. Our network would be well protected with the best firewall in the market. This reduces the chance of third party or intruders to pass through the network and mishandle the information. Apart from the firewalls, we also have secured servers.

Shipping Policy

Fast delivery of the pills is what we offer to our customers. The drug package would be dispatched within one to two business days.

EMS delivery

When an individual opts for this delivery option, it is possible for them to get the drug parcel within five to nine days. However, the maximum possibility of receiving the medication using this kind of delivery is fifteen days.

Standard delivery

People who are selecting this method can get their medication package within fourteen to twenty one days. The deadline of this option is upto thirty days. When you are ordering any medication in the weekend, the order would only be processed on Monday or the next working day.

Chargeback policy

We do not encourage any chargeback. But, people can still go about raising the ticket. When this happens you would be restrained from making a purchase not only from this website but also from all the legitimate sites. This means that you cannot order any medication through an online pharmacy again.