Propecia hair loss treatment

There are many treatments available today, some plainly expensive and others not so effective. Based on the vast data of results available from people who have used Propecia, one can definitely say that the hair loss treatment works. The drug is the only orally-administered hair loss drug to be FDA approved. It is the best drug available that can treat the root of the problem literally as the drug works on the hair follicles.

It is considered as a better treatment option compared to topical formulations as the Propecia actually used in the treatment of hair loss treats, which is the presence of excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes male pattern baldness. Other ailments that cause the excessive hair loss can also be treated with this pill.

The success rate of Propecia is such that nearly everyone who has used drug has been able to see a visible difference before and after the Propecia use. One should note that the medicine is indicated for use in men only and should not be given to women and children.

How well does Propecia work to treat hair loss?

propecia results in hair loss treatmentThe mechanism of taking this pill is such that it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT. High levels of DHT in the body can trigger hair loss as it attacks the hair follicles. When this pill controls the DHT level in the body, the person will experience a drastic reduction in hair loss. This is the main reason why people buy discount Propecia online from an online pharmacy, as these pharmacies were also selling the pills at a cheaper rate. Also, with this drug treatment, new hair follicles take root in place of the lost ones and new hair shoot up. Men who took this pill have also reported that the drug reduces hair thinning.

The suppression of DHT is around 60-70%, and maintaining this low level with the once daily dose of Propecia is how the hair loss is treated. As with all drugs, the patient’s response to treatment varies from individual to individual. The number persons who do not show any response to this pill is very low and the success stories are higher.

What you should know before taking Propecia?

Taking Propecia to stop hair loss and also regrow hair should be done only after consultation with a healthcare professional and getting the correct prescription information for it. Other general guidelines for anyone who is interested in consuming this medication are:

  • Avoid missing doses as taking the drug every day will help to keep DHT levels low.
  • The treatment takes three to six months for the Propecia results to be visible.
  • If you experience hair fall while taking the drug, do not worry as it just means that it is working. First the weak hair follicles are made to shed so that healthier ones can replace them.
  • One should monitor for side effects and get regular health checks done to prevent any harmful or long-lasting effects.
  • Propecia’s active ingredient Finasteride can be absorbed through the skin if the pill is crushed or broken. As it can be harmful to women they should not handle these pills.
  • If you do not see any results even after six months then the drug may not be suitable for you and your doctor will be able to provide you with other hair loss treatment options.