Finasteride Reviews

Finasteride ReviewsPeter says that,

It’s been two months that I started to lose excessive hair from my crown region because of Male pattern baldness. My total appearance has completely changed because of this hair loss. I took Finasteride pills on March 10, 2017 and I could not believe myself as my hair started to regrow from the baldness region. I am very happy about it. Some side effects were also there with this medication. There are few instances where I could not achieve an erection. But, when compared to the effectiveness that this drug provides to me, I really do not bother about these side effects. I just want hair on my head as I do not want to get bald at just 39 years of age.

Jimmy tells that,

Finasteride medication was very helpful to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. After taking this drug, I could sleep happily at night and there is no frequent urge for urinating. Before taking the pills, I could sleep barely for 5 hours. Now, this situation has changed. I did not find any erection problem like what others mention here. In fact, I had my second child recently. My experience with this drug is very awesome.

Ronaldo shares with us that,

I am on Finasteride for 6 years now for Androgenetic Alopecia and my age is 54. I am the only one who is not bald among my brothers. In fact, I have thick hair growth. There are no regrets for me for taking this hair growth medication. For nearly 2 years, I am purchasing the medication from this site. Till now, I am very happy about my experience with them. Even the brand version, Propecia has the same potential to treat hair loss issue. As this being brand version, it becomes expensive to buy the drug but people can get propecia from online pharmacies as they sell these drugs at a cheaper rates.

Stephan, 28 says that,

My doctor advised me to take Finasteride as the hair in the front line started to lose very rapidly. The goal of mine is to stop hair fall in the initial stage itself. I believed that it would help me to regrow hair and in reality, the drug did satisfy my expectation. However, one disadvantage with this drug is that, if I stop taking the pills then I would lose all the hair that I had gained during the therapy. Thankfully, the price of this hair growth medication is very cheap in this site hence I seriously have no plans on stopping my treatment.

Mike says that,

Only recently I switched from another medication to Finasteride. I am taking this medication to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. My only job is to go to the restroom more often than sleeping at night. It was so frustrating and I was unable to concentrate on my work. This is never a situation now, as these pills work the best on me. I am never depressed like before. In fact, I am very alert and focused every morning after the good sleep at night. It is seriously very fortunate that I started taking this medication. I get more discounts from this site and this is the reason why I am able to manage though my insurance does not cover the medical expense.

Davey says,

My hair started thinning when I was just in my 30s. Initially I did not pay much attention to the problem but after it started getting worse my wife suggested that I get it checked. Now it’s been five years since I started taking Finasteride and I have experienced very good results. Not only is my hair thicker, but bald spots in different areas are now fully covered. The only thing someone needs is patience as you have to take the drug every day for it to stay effective. Sticking with the treatment is what worked for me.

Jones says,

I started Finasteride when I was 25 as I was losing a lot of hair in my crown. My doctor told me that it was androgenetic alopecia, for which I’ve been taking this drug for some years now. The only side effect that I experienced was some dizziness when getting up from a seated position. But this went away once I became used to to the drug. The 1mg dose is sufficient for helping the hair grow back, which is the one that has helped me to now have a full head of hair without any worry about going bald so early in life.

Eric says,

While I usually don’t bother much about how I look, my hairdresser noticed that I had a sudden increase in hair fall and suggested doing something before it got worse. My doctor prescribed Finasteride 1mg and I’m just so glad that I started taking this hair loss med. I was worried about the side effects like impotency and erection issues that other users posted in reviews. However, I’ve never faced any such problems. I just make sure that I follow the doctor’s instructions. No more hair loss and I can even say there’s a definite increase in hair volume.

Kenny says,

I was extremely skeptical about taking Finasteride as I was in my late 50s and did not want to worry about any erection problems that were listed as side effects. However, I decided to follow the treatment plan for at least a few months to see if I could improve my hair loss. I must say that I was worried for no reason at all. It has been helped see new hair growth in places that have been bald for the last few years. No side effects either. Will be continuing the Finasteride plan for a few more years at least as recommended by my doctor.

Adam says,

Today marks one whole year of being on Finasteride. I just wanted others to know that this drug that helped me could help you too. I was very anxious when I started seeing clumps of hair on my pillow and in the drain. Within a few months of taking Finasteride I stopped seeing hair around my house. This drug truly works in stopping hair loss. Anyone guy with hair loss problems should give this drug a shot and see how well it works.